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Manage Your Business

Commercial Moving Essentials Not to Overlook

Commercial moves aren't the same as residential moves, but just as much preparation needs to go into the move, and, unfortunately, just as much stress in compounded by the move. [More]

Business Exit Strategies

Every business is bound to change hands sooner or later and if you wish to have it happen on your terms you need a plan to cover all circumstances, even on occasions that may be out of your control. [More]

7 Reasons Your Business Needs Directors and Officers Insurance

Although it might be tempting for your company to forgo directors and officers insurance coverage, it is an executive liability that all businesses should take a serious look at. Most businesses, large and small are aware of the reasoning behind coverage for their building, property, and liability, but often overlook the importance of protecting what some would argue is a business’s greatest asset – their employees, or more specifically, their leaders, whose actions have an effect that is felt throughout the entirety of the business. [More]

5 Ways to Express Owner Honesty

An honest salesman? Who ever heard of such a thing? Believe it or not, the old notion that all salesmen are slick and dishonest has gone the way of cassette tapes and VCRs. There might still be a few floating around, but being honest is the “in” thing now. [More]

5 Tips to Build a Safe Workplace Environment

Unless you’re operating a construction company or other high-risk field, it’s unlikely that safety is at the forefront of your mind as you get your business off the ground. Nonetheless, an emphasis on safety should always be an underlying factor in your decision making process as you found and grow your company.

7 Ways to Increase Productivity in Your Home Office

Your home office can be a haven; it allows you to focus on just your work. If you work from home full-time, you need a space that separates you from the distractions of home. If you work at home in the evenings, your office can help you focus on your work without the distractions of your family. [More]

Diagnose the source of your cash flow problems

The major reason for small business failure is the lack of cash. For a business to be successful you need to discover and address the underlying causes for the poor cash flow.

Essential Business Tax Deductions

You’ve got to spend money to make money, right? And if you spend it to produce ‘assessable’ income, then your business will usually be entitled to a tax deduction. There are of course the deft and nifty tax deductions that some are on the lookout for, but in reality there are quite legitimate, not-to-be-forgotten deductions that almost every business can take advantage of. [More]

Essential Work from Home Time Management Tools for Small Businesses

Without effective time management, your small business can: a) lose clients, b) lose sales and therefore, profits, c) become an inefficient venture and d) be considered as a total waste of your efforts and… well, time. [More]