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Grow Your Business

The Business of Christmas!

When I think of Christmas, I think parties, functions and holidays! But for a business owner, Christmas and the opportunities that arise at that time of the year should mean much, much more. [More]

Marketing Plan Basics

To expand your business, increase your market share or better understand your customers, you need a marketing plan.
If you are like most small to medium sized marketing owners you probably do not have a marketing plan, business plan or a budget. [More]

Marketing Plan Format

There are many formats for marketing plans and every company does it a little differently, but the outline that follows is a very complete format.

Existing Customers Your Key to Survival

Most businesses concentrate on getting “new business”… thinking that new business is what is needed to grow. But when you forget your existing customers... well you are wasting your time and money chasing new ones. [More]

Top 10 Internet Marketing Blunders

It’s sad that people are STILL making these simple mistakes in more than FIFTEEN years after this article was first written (in the late 1990′s) [More]